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What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is an individual or a company owner that promotes an operator’s gaming products or services. Lucky Duck Network affiliates earn a commission every time a referred player generates revenue for one of the online gaming operators.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate program is a partnership between an affiliate and an online gaming operator. The affiliate promotes and sends traffic to the online gaming operator by placing links on their website or through other mediums like mailers etc. The operator pays commission to the affiliate for any revenue generated by customers referred by the affiliate.

What is an operator?

An operator is a portal that sells a gaming product or service. In the case of Lucky Duck Network, our operators are reputable online bingo and casinos websites.

How do I join Lucky Duck Network Affiliate Program?

To become a Lucky Duck Network affiliate, all you need is an email address. Sign up here to join our affiliate program.

Are there any fees to join as an affiliate?

No. Our program is absolutely free. What are you waiting for? Join now!

What commissions do I earn from each brand?

Each brand offers unique affiliate commission percentages and structures. Once you login to Lucky Duck Network you will be able to see all the brand offers. You can select and choose to promote either one or as many brands as you wish from Commission Plans Section.

I have more than 1 website, should I apply again?

No. Whether you have one website, or 100 sites, you only need to apply once to the Lucky Duck Network affiliate program.
You can easily track multiple websites under one login. Our affiliate management area enables you to create a unique code for each of your websites. This makes it easy for you to view separate traffic, referral and earnings stats for each site.

How is a customer associated with my website?

Each link that connects your website to one of our operators contains a unique tracking code. This code tracks impressions, clicks and records required data such as registrations, deposits made and game play activity by your referred customers at the operator’s site. This activity is recorded in our database and is viewable in your affiliate account.

Where do I get my tracking code?

Your tracking code is provided directly from Trackers Section where you can click on Add New Tracker section in HTML format. Simply copy and paste the code for the marketing tool your wish to use and paste it into the HTML of your Web site.
Remember – it’s important to test all tracking codes that you add to your website by clicking on them and verifying that this click is registered in your affiliate account.

How do I set up tracking for multiple websites or campaigns?

You can easily create unique codes for each of your websites or campaigns in our affiliate management area:

  1. Log into your account and go to “Trackers”.

  2. Create a Tracker by clicking on Add new tracker.
  3. To add this code to a marketing tool (banner, text link, etc.), go to “Marketing Tools” and use the menu that lists all your campaigns to choose which campaign or website will carry your link.
  4. Then choose your marketing tool in the next drop-down menu. Your unique campaign code will automatically be inserted into the tool’s HTML.
  5. You can then view your conversions in the reports – per site brand.

Whom should I contact if I need help?

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions or need help.

How do I change my account information?

You can change your account information any time in our management area. Simply log into your account and click on “Personal Details”. Make your changes in the form and click “Submit”.

How do I keep track of my earnings and referrals?

You can easily monitor your daily traffic, earnings and referrals through the Lucky Duck Network. Our “Statistics” section enables you to generate detailed summaries of all your affiliate campaigns or view a quick summary of your account’s overall activity.

How often are my stats updated?

All the reports and statistics are available in real time.

How do I know how much I am owed by each brand?

Log into your Lucky Duck Network affiliate account and select “Payments”. The Payment Report is a statement summary of commissions earned and bonuses issued during a specified date range for a specific brand. This report will only populate once a brand has generated payments. Mid month check the quick summary report (or any number of others). Any bonuses for an affiliate will only show in the payment report. If the total commission earned does not meet the payment threshold for the operator then the commissions will be rolled over. If the threshold has been made the payment becomes due to be paid.

How and when do I get paid?

You will be paid monthly via wire transfer on qualifying for the minimum payment threshold of £100 across all brands promoted by you on Lucky Duck Network. On qualifying for the payment threshold you will be contacted by the affiliate manager to send the invoice for your earnings along with the complete bank details. Your payment will be processed on receiving a valid invoice and complete bank details.